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The Keffieh, the trend of the moment

A little research reveals that the keffiyeh, also spelled kéfié, is a word of Arabic origin, "kūfīyä". It was once a traditional accessory used to distinguish between the urban and rural populations of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

beige keffiyeh

Today, the keffiyeh has been adopted by people all over the world. Keffiyeh can be worn for any occasion and at any age, for commitment or simply to take advantage of the fashionable style of this trendy scarf. Men and women alike can adopt the Keffieh in the colors and materials they like. Pink Keffieh, chocolate keffiyehbeige keffieh or plum keffiyeh To each his own color, to each his own style!

And you, what are your tips for wearing this scarf from elsewhere? How do you wear the Keffieh?




3 thoughts on "The Keffieh, the trend of the moment"

  1. Unintentionally fashionable! Thanks to its ethics and captivating designs, this item has become the must-have accessory, especially among young people... After all, every item has its own story! A fascinating post, bravo

  2. Thank you for this article. I know more now. I knew about the scarf but didn't know it was called a keffiyeh. From high school to college, I saw the article without knowing the name. I think it's very trendy, and I love the one in the photo.

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