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Handbags, scarves, belts..., what color to choose for spring-summer 2015?

As with every new season, trendy colors take over. Spring-summer 2015 is no exception! During Fashion Week in Milan, Paris, London and New York, the trendy colors for spring-summer 2015, announced by Pantone, were revealed to the public! So it's said: this year to dress up your outfits, which will be more retro and patterned, the colors to wear are Aquamarine, Scuba Blue, Lucite Green, Classic Blue, Toasted Almond, Strawberry Ice, Tangerine, Custard, Marsala and Glacier Gray. But what are these trendy colors that will adorn women's clothing, fashion accessories, handbags and even small leather goods in spring-summer 2015? Come on, we'll tell you everything you need to know about these colors!


 aquamarineThe colour aquamarine  evokes a pale blue with a small touch of gray. This is confirmed, it is one of this year's favorite colors. It's a shade that is rather soft and reminiscent of spring. The color aquamarine looks great worn with color marsala or glacier gray.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Wear aquamarine color with turquoise blue.

Look idea : Pair a top with colored thin straps aquamarine, to “blue jeans” which will be rather light. You can finish your look by wearing a white jacket. The finishing touch would be a pale gray colored scarf and bag. If you want jewelry, it can be silver or gold. 

scuba Blue

scuba-blueThe colour scuba blue approaches a deep turquoise blue, reminiscent of tropical seas. It is a shade that brings dynamism to your outfit. To be valued, it should be combined with rather neutral colors such as white or pale gray.

Look idea : Choose pants and matching top that will be black, white, or chocolate brown and combine them with a colored jacket scuba blue. The handbag or the shoes (especially not both), can be colored Scuba blue also.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Wear the scuba blue with its other color variants such as blue or turquoise green.



Lucite Green

lucite greenThe colour Lucite Green is a rather emerald green, tending to pale. This shade, which can commonly be called “mint”, brings a touch of freshness. THE lucite Green is a color beautifully worn when combined with pale colors or even silver or gold.

Look idea : Choose colored high-heeled pumps Lucite green, which you will wear with rather light blue jeans. And why not a little flowing powder pink blouse… 

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Avoid wearing color Lucite Green, on an outfit that is already predominantly green. Yes, too much green can kill this beautiful, soft green! 


 Classic Blue

classic blue

The colour classic blue is a blue that comes dangerously close to a chrome blue. Intense, this color brings class and chic to your outfit. This shade allows for the most glamorous color combinations. The classic blue shade can be worn with silver, gold or even iridescent. To combine matte colors, it is preferable to focus your choices on light colors: you will not go wrong by choosing white, powder pink or sky blue.

Look idea : Wear a colored dress Classic blue with ballerinas, bare feet or gladiator sandals in silver or gold. If you want an accessory, consider mismatching! The handbag maybe Classic Blue.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Wear this color with black. If you really want to pair it with black, choose patinated, iridescent black or even patent black (if it concerns shoes). In any case, it is urgent to avoid matte black.


Toasted almonds

toasted almondThe colour Toasted almonds is a shade close to dark ecru or even taupe. This summer, you won't be able to miss it! Yes, it is a timeless and essential color. It adorns handbags, pumps, ballet flats, blouses, dresses and belts. In other words, the color Toasted Almond, it’s an ultra-trendy and versatile color! It goes very well with sky blue, brown, pink or even white.

Look idea : Wear a sky blue blouse over jeans. To complete your style, adopt a colored jacket Toasted almonds. Your handbag, in cognac brown color, can exceptionally be matched with your pumps or “oxford shoes” in cognac brown color as well.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : We avoid associating the Toasted almond in black color.  

Strawberry ice cream

strawberry ice cream

The colour Strawberry ice cream is a delicious and luminous shade of pink. This color is reminiscent of the shade of raspberry ice cream, hence its name. It's a must-have color for spring-summer 2015. Evening dresses, cocktail dresses, skirts, handbags..., it's a color that brings a glamorous and girly touch to your daily style.

Look idea : Wear a pink colored dress Strawberry ice cream and gray “slipper style” ballerinas Glacier gray. Choose a powder pink colored clutch handbag. Any jewelry could be silver, gold or strawberry ice.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : The pink Strawberry Ice should definitely not be associated with orange, whatever its intensity.




The colour Tangerines is an intense shade of orange that brings pep to your outfit. Plain or printed, colored clothing Tangerines put you in a good mood and brightens your day. It is a shade that we happily wear combined with white or simply black. However, for a chic and glamorous style, you can combine it with gold-colored shoes, belts or even clutches.

Look idea : Choose a Tangerine-colored and printed tunic, which you will associate with gold-colored bare feet. You can choose a camel or cognac brown handbag.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Combine a tangerine-colored print with a navy blue-colored print.




 custardThe Custard color is a rather pale lemon yellow. Rather soft and sunny shade, it brings a spring and summer touch. It is a color that goes very well with neutral and timeless shades such as white or black. This shade goes perfectly with dark brown or even cognac brown

Look idea : On an outfit that is predominantly pale blue, add a colored scarf or belt custard yellow. Yes, sometimes an accessory is enough !

The fashion faux pas to avoid : we will avoid combining custard yellow with chrome blue!




marsalaThe Marsala color is a red-brown that is all the rage this year. Nail polish, blouse, belt, handbags… marsala adorns everything this year! This color is similar to that of pomegranate, a red brick or even Sicilian wine which has the same tone. To characterize the Marsala color, we could say that it is a coppery burgundy red. Like a magical color, Marsala can be worn by all women, whatever their skin tone.

Look idea : Just choose a piece of clothing in the Marsala color. If you are rather uncomfortable when this color is dominant, opt for a Marsala-colored belt or nail polish.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Wearing a total Marsala color look is really not recommended! 

Glacier Grey

glacier gray

The colour Glacier Grey is a neutral and sober gray, which absolutely must be part of your wardrobe. Rather pale, it is a shade that goes very well with other pale colors such as powder pink, sky blue or even pale yellow. Glacier gray colored accessories, such as belts or scarves, are perfect for brightening up rather dark colors.

Look idea : Choose a colored trench coat Glacier gray, which you can combine with your handbag of the same color or marsala color. Your shoes could be cognac brown and your jewelry silver.

The fashion faux pas to avoid : Wear a total Glacier Gray look!

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