An indispensable handbag model, the shoulder bag is useful whatever the occasion. It's where you slip all your desires, your daily essentials, the things you hold dear to your heart, the things you can't live without. It's a part of our history, the one we want to keep close to us...

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Saheline offers a trendy, contemporary, chic and affordable "leather tote bag" collection that meets the fashion needs of discerning, fashion-conscious women. Versatile, the women's tote bag is the bag you can use for every occasion, without any risk of tastelessness. The perfect all-purpose tote bag for carefree storage of personal effects and favorite belongings, the women's tote is a must-have.

Take pleasure in discovering our women's tote bag models and fall for the one you can take everywhere. Our handbags are practical for work or everyday life. When you want to combine trendy style with functionality, the tote bag is the choice of choice. Ideal for carrying all the things you need during the day, it can be taken to work, where it becomes an up-to-date briefcase and even a computer bag, as well as to class. Yes, the tote bag is still a favorite among high school girls, who have always been particularly fond of it. And not just in high school: female students adore the women's tote bag, which they happily swap for a backpack. And let's not forget its original purpose: as a shopping bag or beach bag! It's more than ever in fashion. We all agree, the shopping bag is a must-have that finds its place everywhere.

Find out more about the lovely surprises we have in store for you on this site dedicated to women's leather tote bags. SAHELINE tote bags are leather handbags with beautiful vintage, aged, glazed, saffiano or bubble finishes. We offer a wide range of leather goods. This will enable you to choose from quality pieces, designed to please you.

We offer year-round products for active, dynamic women! Some of you will find bags for the classroom in our leather goods section. Others will appreciate using our bags to store their telecommuting gear.

You'll appreciate the fair price of our recognized quality products, which are well below the prices charged by other brands for handbags of equal quality and workmanship. Choosing SAHELINE leather goods means indulging yourself, at a reasonable price, with a bag from an eco-responsible brand that has mastered its know-how.


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