From the Italian tanneries we've worked with for many years, the split leather, also known as crust leather, we've selected for our products has the appearance of smooth leather, sanded leather or grained leather. 

Carefully crafted, the split leather we use is of the highest quality and ready to last the test of time. 

As part of our eco-friendly approach, the grained leather we use comes exclusively from the food industry.

Our leather must be cared for with respect for its particular characteristics. Leather is a delicate material that requires the utmost care. 

To maintain it, you can perform certain operations using mild, appropriate products. 

Cleaning it

To clean our leather accessories, use a soft cotton cloth. Using circular movements, be sure to wipe the entire surface of the bag where the leather is visible. 

Feeding him

For this step, we recommend choosing a suitable milk, balm or mousse. 

First, apply a small dose of your product to a hidden part of the room to be nourished. If the result meets your expectations, you can then nourish the entire room. 


Waterproofing your split leather accessories protects them from rain, moisture and stains. Performing this operation regularly will extend their life. 

We recommend waterproofing with a waterproofing spray, and following the instructions for use. Before treating all visible surfaces, consider treating a small non-visible area to test your product. If you're satisfied with the result, you can then treat all surfaces. 

If you feel that your leather piece has become dull after waterproofing, don't hesitate to polish it to restore its shine using a soft cotton cloth.

Leather goods, small leather goods and accessories made from split leather/leather crust must always be dusted before being stored in a special case or box.

To avoid marking your accessory, avoid storing it under heavy items, especially those with buckles or other metal finishes. 

We advise you to store your accessories in a dry place, away from light, ultraviolet rays, humidity, heat or frost.

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